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Are you a perfectionist soul-led business owner having trouble showing up online?

Let me help you make posting weekly content a BREEZE, so you can build an online community of future DREAM clients,

(without forcing yourself to overshare every moment of your personal life🤪 or dance in reels)

Is this you?


  • You decided to start a soul-filled business doing what you LOVE


  • You have probably been working with friends and family but you've kind of tapped out your network at this point and you need a way for NEW people to find you


  • And you've thought about it every which way... but there's no getting around it. The next step is building an online community, which feels terrifying and exciting at the same time😜

But ye


  • You’ve probably only posted 3 times in the last month despite having the best of intentions...

  • You have an amazing idea of what to post in the shower and you grab your phone to put it in the notes app… But then when you come back to it, you think this isn't any good. And it never makes it onto your feed

  • You tried planning it and have “post on Instagram” on your weekly to-do list but somehow it doesn’t get done. And every time you do post, you get like 3 likes from your friends, so you kind of feel like no one cares.

  • You invested in Canva templates, only to then go in and waste over two hours playing around trying to create just one carousel post and never even posting it. 


Sometimes you feel isolated, alone and kind of crazy because you have no one to talk to about this and you are really just struggling to get the momentum you need and want.😔


Here is what I need you to know


  • Following social media teachers and influences isn’t the answer


  • Spending hours scrolling through Instagram looking for inspiration and saving posts you see and like is NOT helpful. And all it really does is create overwhelm and a sense of comparison, where you are thinking: Oh my gosh, my stuff is nowhere near as good as this. I have nothing valuable to say so I'm just not gonna say anything. 


  • Getting another certification is NOT going to make you feel more confident talking about your services

The reason you are struggling with this issue is NOT because you are not good enough, or because you don't have something valuable to say. 
It's because you have been taught to do everything “right and correctly”, but business and content is creative, and there is no one perfect way!
Hey, I’m Maria Deverna, a business and visibility coach for recovering perfectionists starting a soul-led business!  



But trust me, it wasn’t always this way…


  • I used to be terrified of hearing my recorded voice LOL, let alone BEING on camera 

  • It would take me 20 tries to record a simple 15-second story

  • I would spend hours selecting the best picture for a post and editing it, just to start second-guessing what I have to say and never hitting that Publish button

  • I would never, and I mean NEVER, talk or post about my services 

  • I would not post for weeks at a time.

  • And then post something inspirational that I was sure nobody would criticize.


Trust me, If I can do it, I know you can do it too! It’s your turn!😉


Picture this:


  • You look at your Instagram on a Friday afternoon and instead of feeling like you failed again, you realize you've posted 3 times AGAIN that week and feel proud of yourself because you're actually DOING IT

  • You sit down to write a post and know exactly what to say and whip up a post your dream clients will love in 20 minutes

  • You hear “OMG, it’s like you are talking about me in your content!” from your online community

  • You've become an Instagram story recording pro, you could do it in your sleep!

  • You pull out your phone and see a notification that someone you never met just liked your post and you have another new follower


And the best part? You are having fun! While adding value and helping people at the same time!

I want this for you and I know you can absolutely do it!

That’s why I created this 3-months 1:1 program to help you make posting weekly content a breeze, so you can build an online community of future DREAM clients without forcing yourself to overshare every moment of your personal life or dance in reels 

Inside this 1:1 program we will:


  1. Design your services and pricing in a way that makes it easy for your clients to say YES and makes YOU see how powerful what you are offering actually is!

  2. Map out your custom 30-day content plan of exactly what to post on your grid vs your stories, so you never have to wonder what to say again. I'll even help you come up with a few Canva templates for your posts and make a list of hashtags that will help get more reach.

  3. Work on your mindset and get over your fears, so you can go from an overthinking perfectionist to a confidence queen!

  4. Learn the 3 key metrics to focus on when building a service-based business vs. getting overwhelmed by all the numbers you could track



“Since we started working together, my revenue is going up (nearly doubled from the year before). I feel more confident showing up on social media. Because of all the mindset shifts I was able to make. And in the beginning I was like, give me the business strategy and I'll figure it out. But I didn't realize how much mindset was involved with it.


And the biggest thing for me - I feel I can finally feel what self love is. I’d always hear what self love is, people talk about it, it sounds great. But like actually feeling it. I've never felt it before. This makes me cry. That has been the biggest takeaway for me. Knowing my self-worth.”  -Adria

“Maria has a gift. She helped me figure out what exactly I want to do, get over my fears that were stalling me for a long time and create a manageable plan. In one month, I completed everything I was hesitant about for over a year! Anna


"I feel enlightened. I didn’t realize how much mental work I needed to work on so I can show up for my business, family and my goals. Before we started I wasn’t sure if I was on the right path regarding my career. Wanted to increase my sales and learn strategies to make my business successful.” 

This is how we will work together for 3 months:


  • 12 weekly 1:1 business & mindset coaching calls. Video calls via Zoom (60 minutes) to work on your strategy, ask questions, get feedback, and work through where you might be getting stuck to ensure you keep taking consistent steps forward. These are where the magic really happens! (recordings will be uploaded to your portal, so you can revisit any time). 

  • Unlimited voice-messaging support from me between sessions to keep you going and answer any questions that might come up between sessions (I’m in there once a day M-F) 

  • 3 X 30-days custom content plan that we create together

  • I will review your content every week and send you a voice-message with any feedback


3-months 1:1 program: $1500 if Paid In Full or 3 payments of $550. 

Plus...Get These Bonuses When You Enroll Today 

  1. Website Overwhelm Relief Kit: how to write a website in a week (Template + recommended platforms) 

  2. Nail Down Your Elevator Pitch: how to describe what you do next time someone asks what you do (PDF) 

  3. Client Contract Template: get my fill-in the blank client contract template, so you can get started without having to hire an expensive lawyer (PDF) 


Get started today for $550


Book your discovery call here to learn more & claim your spot. 
I can’t wait to meet you!


This is Right For You If:
  • You’re ready to take action, you simply need more support, expertise and a map to get there. 

  • You have a business or are on the verge of starting one, and you broadly know what you want to help people with

  • Are 100% committed to building a successful business that leverages your skills, gifts, and experience to help other people, while making money in the process

  • Can show up and be fully present and coachable for the coaching calls 


This is NOT For You If:

  • You want to have a business and make money, but you are not ready to put in the work that’s required to get there

  • You’d rather someone just hand you money, rather than you doing the work

  • You just want to make money and don’t really care how 

  • You think I will be responsible for the results you create

And today:


  • I love sharing on Instagram and talking on camera

  • I create my posts in less than 20 minutes and it’s fun and EASY

  • I talk about my services every week and don’t feel like I’m going to die LOL

  • I love doing Instagram Lives

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