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Let’s dig deep

See what else is possible for you

Dare to take action and make your dreams a reality

I help amazing women fulfill their potential while living a balanced life


Are you ready to take your life to the next level? You know that you can do more, be more, have more, share more, help more and have a bigger impact. You want your life to be fulfilling and balanced. You know there is a part of your potential you are not tapping into and ready to change that. You are ready to let yourself dream big (yes, even those dreams that you don’t tell anybody about or even dare admit to yourself!) and take action.


I am here to help you on your journey. I will help you see your world differently, and we’ll dig deep to find what you truly want from life, what is holding you back, make a plan to make your dreams a reality, and take action. Through all this I will create a safe and supportive space for you, believe in you unconditionally, truly listen to you (like no one else does), cheer you on, celebrate your wins, but also be honest with you and hold you accountable. 


If this sounds good, let’s talk and see if we can be a good fit for each other.

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How I can help

As a professional life coach, I work with women who want to address: work/life/family balance, launching a small business, professional fulfillment and growth, finding a professional occupation that they love, finding peace and joy in everyday life, organization and productivity challenges, transitional stages of their lives, personal growth, and other issues that have them feeling unfulfilled or stuck in their personal or professional lives.

I only work with people who are serious about making changes in their life and only after an initial free intake session, where we see if we can be a good fit for each other.

Currently I work with clients around the world via video calls and offer in-person sessions in Culpeper VA.


If this sounds good, please apply to set up a free intake session here.

My coaching packages are custom-tailored to your needs but you can find the most common offers below.

Free discovery session

Experience the power of coaching!

Let's see if we can work together! We will talk about where you are in your life, what you want to improve and what is getting on the way. Then we will look for possible ways for your to get where you want to be. You will get clarity and a boost of confidence, as well as the next steps you can take to help you start moving.

About me

I am passionate about helping women realize their full potential and do their best in personal and professional life. I know that it takes courage to admit to yourself that your life might not be what you want it to be and it takes even more courage to figure out what you want and start acting on it.


Personal development has been a part of my life throughout the past decade. It has helped me to go through all my major life changes and continue growing. I moved to the US right after I graduated from university with a major in translation and interpreting and human resource management. First few years, I felt so lost, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I couldn't find a good job that would accept my degree from Russia. I was very self-conscious, being in a foreign country with a different language, people and way of life. I was feeling like a failure because I knew I had knowledge and potential to do something with my life but somehow I couldn't figure what and couldn't see the opportunities around me. Boy, why did no one told me about life coaches back then?! I could have surely used one! :) Things slowly started to change after I realized that while yes, there are circumstances and people that I can't control, what I can do is choose what I do with them, be myself (unapologetically!), and care about myself first, before anyone else, and do my personal best every day. I found my dream job in a great company, where my knowledge and skills were valued.


Another turning point for me was after my first baby was born. The first year felt hard and very isolating. My family was very far away and I didn't really have a support network. I felt guilty leaving my daughter at daycare all day while I had to work. I was trying to find balance between a full-time job, an infant, family life, and taking care of the house. (Forget taking care about yourself, who has time for that, right?!) No one really teaches you how to do it but everybody around you seems to have it, and it's so easy to fall in the trap of putting all the blame on people and circumstances around you or feel like something is wrong with you. I also felt like I was losing myself... At the same time, having a baby made me realize even more that life goes by so fast and I started to wonder - what kind of impact do I want to have in this world? What kind of example do I want to set for my daughter? I was fortunate to live in a free country with limitless opportunities and I felt like I wasn't taking advantage of it. And while I loved my job, I also realized that there was a big part of my potential that I wasn't tapping into and that was crying to come out. I started exploring more opportunities and came across a wonderful coach who helped me figure out what else I'd like to do. That's how I found life coaching and knew that was exactly what I was looking for.


After working as a project manager in a great company for almost 10 years, I am now transferring my project management skills into my coaching practice to help my clients fulfill their dreams. It is amazing to see how people change their lives and it is so humbling to be a little part of it. Today I know anything is possible, no matter where you start from. 

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My superpowers: I’m a great detective and know how to get to the bottom of things; I am a great listener and can hear what you are not saying too. I have been managing projects, i.e. planning and successfully completing them, for almost 10 years now. I know how to get things done!

More formal bio:

- M.A. in Translation/Interpreting (2010)

- BS in Resource Management (2009)

- 9 years in project management, planning projects and getting results

- Professional life coaching certification (2019)

- Life purpose coaching certification (2019)

- Happiness coaching certification (2020)

- Cognitive-behavioral techniques certification (2020)

- Entrepreneurship and Business Life Coach Certification (2022)

- Group coaching certification (2022)

- Numerous trainings, programs, books on personal growth throughout the past decade

I recently moved to Culpeper, named the prettiest town in Virginia (!), with my husband and 2 kids. When I'm not changing the world by helping my clients fulfill their dreams, I enjoy hiking, exploring nearby little towns, traveling (hoping to resume this very soon!), playing frisbee golf with my husband and taking long walks with my kids, all things outdoors basically :)

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